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Updated: 3/3/2015
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Invensys declared AW51 processors and parts obsolete/unrepairable. PCS can support all 51 Series workstations with parts, reconditioning and service!

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I/A Series® and InFusion® Product Lifecycle Phase Update

Invensys declared these workstations as obsolete and unrepairable. However, PCS can support all of these workstations with parts, reconditioning and service. PCS maintains an inventory of systems and parts as well as a supply chain for many more Sun Microsystems parts.

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NVRAM Maintenance
The NVRAM is a memory module in every 51 Series processor that contains machine specific information critical to the operation of the processor. It also contains a Lithium battery. This battery has a finite life. If the battery begins to fail, the processor may show errors such as slow clock, failure to keep time, disk access errors, failure of certain software licenses and failure to boot. Invensys recommends that each NVRAM be replaced every 5-7 years depending upon model.

Each NVRAM is programmed with machine specific information. Some of this information is key to enabling software licenses and operating disk drives, so replacement with a generic NVRAM is not advisable. PCS routinely programs and replaces NVRAM modules. PCS then tests each system for proper function.

When were your processors reconditioned last? The time may be now before it's too late!


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Custom Hard Disks
I/A Series software defines a very few types of specific SCSI and IDE hard disk drives. The I/A Series software will only format and load these particular disk drives. Replacements for these older drives are becoming difficult to find. PCS offers a service which applies comparably sized hard disk drives from various manufacturers as replacements to the original drives supported by the I/A Series software. The replacement SCSI and IDE drives are compatible with I/A Series software.


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Model Code  Common Name
P60  AP51B
P61  WP51B
P62  AW51B
P63  AW51C
P65  AP51B1
P66  AW51B1
P67  WP51B1
P69  AW51E
P70  WP51E
P71  AP51E
P74  AP51D
P75  AW51D
P76  WP51D
P79  AW51F (Solaris 8 Workstation)
P80  AP51G (Solaris 8 Workstation)
P81  AW51G (Solaris 8 Workstation)
P82  P82 (Solaris 10 Workstation)

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